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Connecting Towards a Brighter Future

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Adrian Martinca lives in the Kernersville, North Carolina. He specializes in identifying and implementing business resources and solutions that cater to unique markets.  Adrian believes in supporting innovative thinking, developing resources, and forming co-operations that create opportunity, better standards of living, and that aid our society. In today’s time, although there are many who believe in delivering a better quality of living and educational resources to people in need, very few have the ability to do so. Adrian Martinca is one from the handful as he provides laptops to students in need in order to help them connect to a World of opportunity. Through increasing accessibility of resources and tools that help children build up their own more capable and brighter future, Adrian helps people become motivated to contribute to the difference.

Due to the vastness of the online market, Adrian Martinca has built an online outlet to bring affordable and reliable technology such as laptops to people. This outlet, A.M.-OUTLET, is open to anyone in need of an affordable computer. “The goal is to ensure people feel believed in by providing them the tools they need to succeed.” says Martinca. He wants people to have the freedom to access knowledge contained on the internet. “Opportunity is the key to a brighter future”--Adrian recognizes that the more information people have access to, the broader the realms of possibility in creating new opportunities for themselves and the people living in their community.

The inspiration to provide and aid communities towards a brighter future has brought Adrian to additionally build a non-profit called “Technology for the Future”. In this organization, Adrian Martinca is focusing on providing students in need with their very own laptop. All they have to do is apply online and express their genuine interest in utilizing a computer to achieve their dreams, whether through research, additional education opportunities, use of the countless computer programs available, etc. “Our goal is to inspire our future generations to think about their own capability, to feel supported and believed in, and to look towards their own future and how they can use technology to their benefit rather than a distracting hindrance.” Martinca comments. 

The purpose of “Technology for the future” is to overcome the issues many societies are facing with the help of innovative ideas and solutions. Adrian has a team of innovators, thinkers, educators that believe in and use the technology to change the future of opportunity for people far and wide. Adrian Martinca has provided computer technologies for many local and community-based institutions. He believes that his mission is not only to aid students with their education but also help them grow into more fulfilled people. You can apply online and also help sponsor students in need.
Adrian Martinca knows that our future is in the hands of our children and it is our responsibility to educate them and give them all the resources they need to have a solid foundation for growth. If you also want to join the organization with Adrian Martinca then follow him on the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Watch his YouTube channel “Technology for the Future” and help his organization motivate and educate students and parents in communities far and wide. To help contact them:
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